Artist Statement

I am a queer woman artist interested in directing and exploring intersectional stories of gender and sexuality.
  • Queer temporality and connecting stories and identity across time and place
  • Camp and drag performance across theatrical styles
  • Investigating identities within particular spaces and occupations



I am a musical theatre performer interested in the power of song and dance and subversive comedy as artistic/political choices.

I am a director interested in the collision of styles. I love formal and presentational forms of theatre and styles that create a strong and expressive container for the work.
I am a playwright and deviser interested in poly-vocal stories through docu-drama techniques and how to form and express collective and individual identities.
I believe in theatre as celebration and finding and sharing stories of groups who are overlooked and deserve to be celebrated.
I believe in theatre as conversation and want to create work with rippling dialogue and action.