Voices From The Roanoke River

Creative Traffic Flow (CTF) was commissioned by Clean Valley Council (CVC) in Roanoke, Virginia to create a performance piece about the Roanoke River, to be performed at their Earth Summit 2018. The Clean Valley Council is a non-profit organization dedicated to education on stormwater pollution prevention and protecting our natural resources. Currently, the Roanoke River, which runs through Virginia and North Carolina, faces many threats like littering, agricultural practices and construction. Stormwater pollution is also compromising the river’s ecosystem as well as the the river’s course.

Photos by Robin Michals

The new piece aims to strengthen the community’s connection with the river and inspire environmental action to protect the water. The theatre piece is created through historical research, interviews with community members, and mapping the river and its threats from the headwater to the mouth.

Voices from the Roanoke River was developed through Works On Water’s Governors Island Residency 2018 and performed at Virginia Western Community College and Clean Valley Council’s 40th Anniversary Celebration.


Works on Water: An Impression of ‘Voices from the Roanoke River’

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