Intro to Acting at Virginia Tech


This course is offered to non-majors and is intended to introduce the basic skills of acting on stage. Students will learn how to embody a character and how to approach monologues and scene work through various techniques. Students will improve in listening, communication, physicality, and awareness.

Student Reflections

That was my proudest moment in this class, overcoming the fear of performing and public speaking and not working myself up over something I knew I had practiced so hard for. Overall, this class gave me a lot of confidence, strength and skills to be a successful public speaker and actress. I am genuinely so happy I took this class! I would recommend it to any of my friends.

I feel so much more confident not only as an actress, but also as a person and student. I have so much respect for actors and theatre. I am excited to go to plays that our theatre department performs. I have a greater appreciation for the arts, and I would love to take more theatre classes in the future.

I think that’s honestly where I’ve learned the most about myself, and why I see myself viewing this class as one of my most valuable experiences from college. It’s interacting communally, and forcing myself to not just sit in a classroom quietly, but instead participate in a situation where I felt like we were all good friends and learning together.

 It’s been truly a pleasure to gain all of these experiences and to meet so many fantastic new people. I always knew that no matter what mood I was in, whether it was great, or shitty, I could count on rolling in on Tuesday and Thursday mornings at 9:30 and instantly be energized off the bat with snaps, whooshes, woahs, and bangs, followed by discussions, scenes, practice or just a good time altogether. For that I am forever grateful. I hope you know that you run a great class, and you should be very proud of that.

 Student Evaluations

What did the instructor do that most helped in your learning?

  • My instructor is Kristin Kelly. She offered me great improvement suggestions. She also helped me to work with my partner who was not willing to rehearse with me from the beginning.
  • Talk about material in group format
  • She provided a lot of feedback.
  • Miss Kristin Kelly, whom taught the class this semester, was outstanding. Interactive, thoughtful, kind, wise, happy, and much more. She really made me look forward to Tuesdays and Thursdays. I would take any of her classes again if given the opportunity.
  • Kristin was very understanding and fair and judgement free
  • She was involved in most of the assignments
  • Kristin was great. She took class time to work with individuals to prepare them for their scenes and always was available to answer questions and answered emails very quickly.
  • The reading assigned was really helpful. Also, there was very descriptive feedback on canvas for each of our assignments.
  • Ms. Kelly gave valuable feedback, and always gave useful advice if we were struggling.

Please add any additional comments regarding the course and/or instructor here:

  • Kristin Kelly is an amazing instructor. She is kind and patient, she is always willing to help when I need help. I could not reach my goal without her. She made the impossible possible.
  • Kristin rocks and always kept the atmosphere fun and lively while harboring respect.
  • Kristin was great. Really nice and established a good relationship with all students.
  • Very informative class, but always interesting too. Brought the whole class together for discussions regularly, consequently, we felt like a team.