Momologues: A Maternal Documentary Play

currently in development with Jordan Ho, Kristin Rose Kelly, Kat Lee, Amanda Turen, and Aneesh Sheth originally written and performed by Amy Ackerman, Zora Iman Crews, Jordan Ho, and Kristin Rose Kelly dramaturg: √Čamon Boylan

Momologues is a documentary performance piece centered around mothering. Specifically investigating what it means to be a parent of a queer child when you yourself are not queer. What are the ways moms foster confidence and fortitude in an identity that varies from their own? Playwrights are tapping into that by interviewing their own mothers and performing them verbatim. See what happens when 4 unique moms take centerstage and their daughters (the actors) decide how to continue their legacy in a queer future.

Momologues was a part of: Developmental Reading Series with Fresh Fruit Festival June 7th 2020

Developmental Reading Series 2020

The Developmental Reading Series – a part of the Fresh Fruit Festival’s OUTwrite Program All readings will be presented in a Virtual Town Hall format, with an audience Q & A immediately following the performance. Attendance is from the comfort of your own home. Free Registration for each Reading!