Teaching Philosophy

I am a practicing theatre artist and feminist scholar.

I believe and encourage interdisciplinary research and teaching.

I strive to foster a learning environment where students interact, learn from, and work with one another.

I make personal efforts to create and act responsively to make a classroom inclusive towards abilities, identities, and opinions.

I provide specific feedback to students to work towards a higher standard of learning and excellence.

I strive to create syllabi that include relevant and diverse scholarship for comprehensive learning of the field and the inclusion of marginalized scholars/artists’ research and impact.

I believe in citing sources beyond the written word and giving credit to mentors and artists I have learned teaching strategies and exercises from.

I believe students benefit from learning through multiple modules including: experiential projects, readings and discussions, analytical and reflective writing, student lead classes and discussions, and exposure to professional and developing work in the field.

With all students and especially as a teaching artist who works with young people, I work to meet students where they are at, provide creative and imaginative approaches to lessons, and work towards an environment of encouragement for students working at different levels and abilities.